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 Some of the common faults which are likely to take place in the ac system along with their remedies are listed below.       We one of the best HVAC company in Qatar                              

  1. Starting relay of AC is faulty. If the staring relay is faulty, the compressor motor shall not start and rather it shall start giving humming sound. Resistance is measured between two contacts of the starting relay, if it is zero; the starting relay is alright otherwise it should be replaced. Our AC installation team can find this fault quickly and fix easily.                                                

 Motor starts giving humming sound when started on following accounts also in addition     to the reasons given above.                                       

  1. i) Auxiliary winding of the motor open.
  2. ii) Low voltage across the refrigerator.

 iii) Over load on motor with tripping of over load relay.                                      

 If auxiliary winding is open, the motor is rewound by opening the sealed unit. Whenever low voltage is being fed across the refrigerator which can be measured by voltmeter, some voltage boosting device is used such as voltage stabilizer. Due to reduced voltage also, the load on the motor gets increased which results in the frequent tripping of over load relay.                  

  1. Faulty thermostat of AC System- If the contracts of the thermostat are open even when the temperature inside the room is high. It shows faulty thermostat. This could be found out by checking the position of thermostat knob. It should be in “on” position and not in “of” position.

If the thermostat knob is on the “on” position and still the cooling effect is not being produced, it shows that the contents of the thermostat are still in open position. In that case, AC installation team measures the resistance between contacts keeping the knob in “in” position and “of” position and if it is zero and infinity respective, thermostat switch is alright. If it is not, it shows that the knob is defective and it should be replaced.             

 If the knob position is also “on” and it is alright as far the resistance test performed as mentioned above, then it shows that the gas in the bellows as leaking. Thermostat contacts may remain open due to opening of the thermostat wiring or the contents of the thermostat might not be properly adjusted. In that case, wiring is redone and contacts are cleaned. Checking of the thermostat is again done. If it gives desired results, it is alright failing which it should be fully replaced; zatc HVAC company in Qatar can sort this out.                              

  1. Faulty AC capacitor. In case of refrigerators where for starting purpose, instead of split phase winding (auxiliary winding), a capacitor is used, if the motor fails to start, the capacitor might have become defective. The motor shall again produce humming sound when made to start. In that case, capacitor should be replaced. ZATC HVAC company in Qatar can sort out this with ease.              
  2. Motor keeps running even though inside is very cold. In case motor continue running even though the desired temperature inside the refrigerator is attained, the following defects are possible :
  • The thermostat setting is wrongly made.
  • Wiring of the thermostat has got shorted.
  • Contacts of the thermostat have got stuck up.                                  
  • The thermostat has gone defective.

 In all the above cases, first thermostat setting is checked and set right, if required. If still the fault exists, wiring is checked and in case necessity arises it is installed. If fault still exists, the thermostat contacts are replaced or installed and if necessary still arises, the whole thermostat should be replaced.  If it is installable ZATC a HVAC company in Qatar can install it to reduce cost.      

  1. Motor keeps running but, inside is not sufficiently cool. In case the motor is running continuously but request cooling is not there in the refrigerator, the following possibilities could be there: Our AC installation team check as follows.                            

  (i) Quantity of refrigerant is less in the system due to some leakage etc.         

  (ii) Capillary tube has got choked.                                  

As per number (i) above, more refrigerant is fed to the system. If capillary tube has got choked, the system should be flushed and recharged. Installation personnel’s are well versed in HVAC Installation in Qatar.

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