Manpower supply agency In Qatar

Labour Manpower supplier agency services company in doha qatar

Manpower Supplier Agency in Qatar- Skilled Semi- Skill Labour Indian,Nepali, Bangali, Helpers, Supervisor, Foreman, Chargehand, Leadman, Welders, Drivers, Machine Operator, AC/ HVAC Technician, Painters, Gypsum Boar Technician, Cleaner, Scaffolder, Decorator, Material Handler, Mason, Fire Fighting Technician Manpower supply agency In Qatar

The concentrated efforts of the present government in production of skilled manpower has accelerated the process of technical training and education through short courses and diplomas in computer, electronics, plumbing, machinery and a wide range of technical walks in Qatar

It is managed by highly qualified professional Manpower specialist consultants with several years of training and experience both in their home country and Gulf. Through a unique combination of skills, competencies, knowledge and favorable experience. Manpower suppler in Qatar The company recognizes and caters for the special personnel needs of clients in the various industries worldwide.

Manpower supply agency In Qatar

  • Introduce skilled & diligent labour in all employment fields
  • To build long term relations with our clients
  • To keep our clients informed about fresh and latest available human resources Manpower supply agency In Qatar.
  • To establish representative offices at a few central places, for effective service provision to our clients in Qatar.
  • To extend services to job applicants by matching their career aims and objectives with best available opportunities.
  • To educate and to prepare available human resource in job hunting and compete in overseas work environment as per the dictates of selection guide.
  • To guide applicants about environment, cost of living and other important factors at new work place e.g. (accommodation, education, shopping centers and other tourist places

Labour supplier agency company in Qatar

Manpower supply agency In Qatar. We thus, present this work to recognize the efforts and loyalty of JEJ’s existing principals /employers, as well as open doors to new ones. The information Manpower supply agency In Qatar herein laid down simply gives an opportunity to employers to work with the best and to provide them with ease and convenience in their serious effort to recruit and place excellent indian, Nepali manpower in their respective work-places.
Manpower supply agency In Qatar

  • Manpower supply agency in Qatar
    Manpower supply agency in Qatar

Manpower Supplying Services in Qatar

Manpower supply agency In Qatar. Equipped with a well-maintained database of resumes and possessing a team of high-end professionals, we have carved a niche for our self in the field with our recruitment services Manpower supply agency In Qatar. Efficient manpower is the key to success for every organization. We stand for providing impeccable manpower services for our clients within the stipulated time frame. Seeing the tremendous boom in the industrial sector, the demand for manpower is increasing day by day. So far, we have catered to the needs of a number of industries including retail warehousing, various supply chain services, engineering, petrochemical, health care, IT, hospitality, real estate, banking and finance, electrical engineering, outsourcing industries, etc

Manpower supply agency In Qatar



Payroll Outsourcing

  • An act of delegating payroll administration to third party having expertise in payroll process
  • Manage diverse functions such as calculation of wages and salary, leaves management, PF and income tax calculation, and direct deposit of net pay into the bank accounts of employees

Manpower supply agency In Qatar

Temporary Labor

  • Temporary employees are hired to assist employers to meet business demands
  • Project basis/Part time basis/Contractual basis
  • Could also be as a substitute to permanent employee

Manpower supply agency In Qatar

Instrument Technician supply in Qatar

Instrument Technician jobs require outstanding mathematical skills as well as

problem solving

capabilities. Analytical skills and interpersonal skills are also required. Decision-making skills are vital for professionals in this role. Instrument Technicians are required to obtain a matric as well as a relevant qualification. This position is best suited to people who are self-motivated. The ability to work independently is also required.

Successful technicians enjoy upholding high levels of safety. The ability to pay attention to detail is required for this position. Excellent reading comprehension

as well as listening skills

are also required. In order to complete the tasks that are associated with this position, technicians must possess manual dexterity as well as patience. A commitment to continuous development and learning is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Instrumentation technicians work in a variety of industries installing, repairing and controlling operating equipment in manufacturing or industrial plants. These positions usually require an associate’s degree. Certification is available, but not always required.

Instrumentation technicians work in industrial and manufacturing environments. These technicians work to maintain the equipment that controls the automation of industry plants and factories. Some postsecondary education is required to enter this field.

Electrician Supplier in Qatar

Electricians know the ins and outs of designing lighting systems, installing street lights and intercom systems, ensuring electrical work is up to code and repairing electrical wiring Manpower supply agency In Qatar. Electricians must go through at least four years of training as an apprentice, followed by the licensing their state requires. Most in the profession specialize in either designing, installing, maintaining and repairing the motors, equipment and electrical systems of businesses and factories or installing, maintaining and repairing the electrical systems of residences Manpower supply agency In Qatar.

Important Qualities for our electricians in Qatar

Color vision. Electricians must identify electrical wires by color Manpower supply agency In Qatar.

Communication skills. Electricians work with people on a regular basis. They should be friendly and be able to address customers’ questions Electrician Supplier in Qatar

Critical-thinking skills. Electricians perform tests and use the results to diagnose problems. For example, when an outlet is not working, they may use a multimeter to check the voltage, amperage, or resistance in order to determine the best course of action Manpower supply agency In Qatar.

Physical stamina. Electricians often need to move around all day while running wire and connecting fixtures to the wire.

Physical strength. Electricians need to be strong enough to move heavy components, which may weigh up to 50 pounds Manpower supply agency In Qatar.

Troubleshooting skills. Electricians find, diagnose, and repair problems. For example, if a motor stops working, they perform tests to determine the cause of its failure and then, depending on the results, fix or replace the motor Manpower supply agency In Qatar.

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