Boom Trucks Rentals Agency Doha, Qatar – We have all capacities (3 ton, 5 ton, 7 ton, 10 ton) of Boom Truck /crane pick up for rent in Qatar. We are well established boom truck Rentals Company in Qatar. Our boom truck rental in Qatar is one of the most trusted rental suppliers Qatar

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Selection of Right Capacity of Boom Truck for rent in Qatar

Select appropriate boom truck for rent n Qatar such as right type and capacity of boom truck. These help companies to carry out their job at low cost, in less time, in less effort, and with safety. We have well maintained Boom Truck for rent in Qatar with legal and safety related valid documents. These help to work with minimum disruption. We have well experienced and well trained boom truck drivers and operators who work hard and follow instruction sensibly behave politely. We provide clients 24/7 services for our boom truck rental in Qatar. Our well trained maintenance team remains readily available with their adequate and appropriate tools for attending any break down of boom truck in Qatar.

We are well established boom truck Rentals Company in Qatar. Our boom truck rental agency is one of the most trusted rental agency in Qatar. We have committed to provide best service to our clients at competitive rate to accomplish their job and achieve business goal economically, timely and disruption freely by renting out well maintained boom trucks. Our company representative understands our clients’ needs by putting ourselves in place of client. Our aim is to satisfaction of our clients by fulfilling their requirements supplying correct type and capacity of Boom Truck in Qatar. Our company is constantly evolving and growing in renting out of Boom Truck in Qatar. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone in lifting and transporting work with the help of boom truck. If you want to contact us for renting boom truck, please fill the contact form on our website. !

Additional Safety Measures for Boom Truck Rental in Qatar

  1. Loads being lifted must have tagline. Lifting area to be barricaded.
  2. Before starting make sure tires have adequate pressure and there must not be any leaks.
  3. Looking mirror to be kept clean.
  4. Banks man to wave right color flag to give direction to Boom Truck.
  5. Speed limit to be followed. In adverse weather lifting activity to be avoided.
  6. Qatar traffic rule and Qatar construction regulation to be followed.
  7. Appropriate supervision and monitoring by hiring company.
  8. Vehicle to be positioned away from running traffic, if necessary area to be made cordoned off and signage’s to be displayed for keeping the unauthorized people away.
  9. In case of sharp edged object protection pads to be used for protection of slings. A tag line to be used for directing the loads.
  10. Signaler to ensure load moves above the personnel free area
  11. Prior lifting weight of load to be determined and lift the loads according to capacity of telescopic hydraulic boom/ knuckle crane.
  12. Rate of lifting of loads to be kept slow.
  13. Crane (Telescopic hydraulic Boom/ Knuckle Boom to be mounted on truck firmly.
  14. Only trained and authorized personnel to give signal to Operator.
  15. There must be clear instruction to given to Boom Truck Driver regarding work through proper channel.
  16. For more detail go to- Boom Truck Safety

Features of our rental company related to boom truck rental in Qatar.

  1. Boom Truck rental in Qatar are well maintained, adequately serviced & have service record
  2. Hydraulic systems are leaks free.
  3. Adequate no’s of web sling for lifting are available but in case of complicated lifting hiring agency to make arrangement.
  4. Drivers/Operator are well experienced and well trained.
  5. Heavy equipment have third party certification (like velosi Qatar).
  6. Pick ups have crane, tires and reverse alarm, lighting system in good condition
  7. Third party certificate holders drive/operate vehicles.
  8. Operators for operating crane are well versed in understanding of load chart.
  9. Fire extinguisher and first aid box are available with Machine.
  10. Our boom truck rental company provides personnel protective equipment to Operators.

We rent out Boom Truck in Qatar on following Terms & conditions:-

  1. Payment Term for boom truck rental in Qatar- Within thirty days upon completing of month.
  2. Boom Trucks are subjected to be available at the time of final confirmation.
  3. As per Qatar Traffic Dept law this vehicle is considered as a medium duty truck, it is not allowed to travel on road during peak hours  in Doha city limits during 6 am to 8 am, 12 noon to 2 pm & 6pm to 10 pm. Any Fines / penalties issued to the equipment for breaking the above law will be responsibility of the hirer.
  4. The vehicle will be provided with third party insurance only. Insurance of cargo is not included in our scope of work and is to be arranged you. The owner shall not accept any claim for consequential loss of property or liability from any party, which may occur as a result its actions either directly or indirectly
  5. Owner do not holds responsibility for any fine/prosecution resulting from overload/over projection/illegal material.
  6. The hirer to provide all necessary passes, permits and permissions for equipment/personnel entry & exit to work place.

Boom Truck in Qatar used widely. This is self loader and transporting vehicles, an important part of construction, industrial, lifting/hoisting, shifting, transporting of material, structure, tools and machines with efficiency, convenience and safety. The first property of this machine is hydraulic telescopic boom crane which serve as safe loader and helps to load and offload heavy structure/ materials to even distant destination. A box bed is a second advantage of the, provide space to place materials on it and box type shape prevent materials from falling even while running of boom truck rental in Qatar.

Boom Truck is also called Cargo crane/Truck loader crane, self loader truck, lorry loader truck, crane mounted pickup vehicle.

There are two type of boom truck supplier in Qatar
  1. Crane is mounted directly behind the pick up’s cab which gives more space for loading materials.
  2. Crane is mounted at the back of pick up. This type of vehicles allow operator to get closer to work area.
Types of cranes, mounted on boom truck rental Qatar

Telescopic (hydraulic) boom crane.

Knuckle type crane

Before hiring consult to boom truck supplier to check what type of crane truck  supplier supplies.